Local Entry

I even send cards out to people right here in the city I live! Here’s one that arrived at my friend, Kathy’s (showing off her new pen / journal and some other gizmo!:


They keep coming!

I love getting REAL mail in the basket (it puts the mail in the basket!). I never thought I’d get all that much when I started this project, but now I’m way behind in posting photos of the cards I’ve received.

I’m also a little behind in sending cards OUT! But – the girls are out of school for the holidays, and we’re in a lull before serious renovation planning begins – so I’ll catch up and finalize PHASE I of my project — and begin on PHASE II (printing my own postcards  with my own negatives in my own darkroom!).

In the meantime, here’s one my friend Tania received from me (I love how she photographed the card over a box containing one the best organizers/journals in the whole world – the Hobonichi!!:


Thanks Greg and John!

More postcards finding their way to their new homes! Don’t they look awesome!?



I love photos!

I love photos! Especially photos of postcards I’ve sent out in their new habitat!

Thanks to my friends Jules and Gabo for sending these two photos!



I’m getting ready for Phase 2! (I do still have maybe ten more cards to send out for Phase 1) — If you want on the list, now is the time! I have a lot of printing to do in the darkroom — but it’ll be fun once I get my process down. I’m hoping to have the first batch out by the end of January – so be on the lookout!

I think my handwriting is improving, too. What I’ve found is just by writing EVERY DAY my hand eye coordination becomes better – leading to smoother writing – and more experimentation on my part to create cooler looking letter formations.

So! Send along a mailing address if you want in on Phase 2 (a wet print from me — in the form of a postcard!).

Coolest Photos Ever!

My friend, Teresa sent along these AWESOME photos of the postcard I sent to her. Here’s what she had to say about the photos:

I took the postcard to the holy grail today… the woodchipper!! Here are a couple of photos. They let you dress up in a bomber hat and pose with the machine, so of course I had to do that, too.

Thanks, Teresa for sending them along — totally made my day! (I’m a huge fan of Fargo — and Teresa is blessed to live there!)

teresa1 teresa2