Arrived in London Town

My friend Jim sent a note to say his card arrived in London! Yay!


Get Ready!

This whole project actually started maybe 8 years ago. I had the idea back then that I’d like to make some wet prints and send them out to everyone. Ilford makes a really nice postcard photo paper:


The plan was to print cards using my own 35mm negatives. I think I had a few hundred addresses from my flickr contacts — and, then — along came Mae. I thought, “Oh, this will be so much fun! While the baby naps I can make pretty prints!” — Uh — nope. Didn’t work out that way. When she napped — so did I!

Now — I have no excuse. I still have the enlarger set up in my darkroom (bathroom) – and I have all the fixin’s I need to make some simple 4×6 prints.

The plan now is to get started over the Christmas break. Make sure the enlarger still – enlarges. Make sure I actually remember how to make wet prints! And, then – make some prints and send them out!

So – if you want to receive a print from me – this time, I PROMISE! – send along a mailing address. A post office box is fine – and you DO NOT have to write back! I plan on making maybe 5 or 6 prints from one negative — and I’ll have Mae help me select which ones I print. She’ll probably help develop in the darkroom, so don’t be too critical of the final product!

That’s it for now. I have about 100 people I’ve sent notes and cards to over the last few months. Those same people will get a print – so if you’ve sent your address already, no need to send it again. Just check out my INFO page if you need my email address!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (This is my 8th Thanksgiving away from my homeland – I do miss those wonderful Thanksgiving weekends…)

I pick up postcard whenever I can

Here are a few postcards I have ready and waiting for an address! Some postcards I have are a little risque – so I try to send those to people I know who won’t be too offended.

Canada Post offers some great looking postcards:

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And here’s one from a stack of funny postcards I’ve saved over the years:

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Averaging one per day

There are days when I get in a groove and just write one note after another — but I have to stop myself! I want this project to last at least a year – so I need to average just one letter / note per day. So far, that’s about what I’m doing. Here are a few that just went out! One is a letter to my mama (Mom, if you’re reading this – you asked me a few questions via email and I answered them in the letter you’ll be getting soon!) – one post card — and one small note card to a friend on the east coast.

If you’d like to join in on my project don’t hesitate to send your mailing address (not email! 🙂 ) – and I’ll send you a note or card – or maybe a print of my work! I’m in the process of having some cards made of my favorite prints. The email address for this project is on the INFO page!

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Arrived in Alaska (Hey! Where’s Sarah Palin?!)

My friend, Jack lives in the same town where you’ll find Sarah Palin — poor Jack… Well, at least my postcard made it! And look! The postcard matches the Alaskan decor! Thanks, Jack!