Busy Saturday Writing and Sending

I still have quite a few people on my list, so I stepped up my game a bit today and sent out four pieces of mail. I find that I fall back to ALL CAPS PRINTING when I’m not comfortable with trying out my new handwriting and it’s not going so well. That’s okay. I’m giving myself a year to get an A in handwriting — so no big hurry (I was that student who waited to study for Friday’s big test on THURSDAY night 🙂 ).

Toronto represented!

Thanks, Marc for taking part in my project! Glad I made the fridge!!


Milwaukee receives a card!

My friend, Tom just received his postcard and seems to like it! Thanks, Tom for taking part in the project.

I think I’ve said this before — but I’m hoping to send another batch of cards and letters out to everyone on the list in a year from now. That way I can work on my handwriting – we’ll see if things have improved!

The one thing I’ve noticed is my handwriting has improved slightly – but also I’m feeling more comfortable with a pen in my hand (I use a fountain pen for writing cards and notes). Technology is great, but using a keyboard instead of a pen just plain ruined what neat handwriting I had. The truth is I can type about 45-50 words a minute – no way can I do that with a pen. Still, it’s just so nice to write with ink on paper.


Slowly but surely

One thing I didn’t want to do with this project is send out cards and letters all at once. I think it’s more fun to dole them out a few at a time each week. (This also gives me time to improve my handwriting – yeah, right)…

Here are two more I sent out this week! One to London and one to NY:

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Incoming! From the Netherlands!

Thanks, Lynn! I hate you because your handwriting is so beautiful!