This little card

This little card started me thinking about creating a fun project. I’m now taking two online courses – one for improving my handwriting – and the other is all about handwriting analysis. I’ll post some more information later for anyone interested.

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Here are a few postcards I’ll be sending

I posted these two images on Instagram as an incentive for people to send along their address. I’m trying to hard to improve my handwriting and I hope this project helps. I have about 20 addresses so far. Don’t be shy!

Winogrand Postcards

Write On!

I thought I’d create a place to write about my project. I’ve been working on my handwriting – and studying handwriting analysis! Watch out! I’ll know more about you when you send back a note! (I promise not to report you to the authorities).

This all started when one of my favorite photographers sent me a postcard in the mail. Then, another photographer — and then a few more. I thought it was cool to get something in the mail from them (mostly postcards of famous photographs) with a note written in their own hand.

I’ve always loved handwriting – just not mine – so, I set out how to improve my writing – and it turns out that one of the quickest ways is to TEXT LESS – WRITE MORE! True. We’re all caught up in the online world – and most of us stuck using a keyboard to create messages we need to send somewhere quickly. Handwriting is a lost art – much like black & white film photography (another one of my passions).

When was the last time you saw someone write out a note? Grocery lists and to-do lists don’t count. It’s probably been a while, but how do you feel when you see someone write something by hand and their handwriting is stunningly beautiful? Maybe it’s the first time you’ve met, and now you’re watching them create something by hand that you want to frame. What sort of impression does that leave? Hmm? Yeah. Nice handwriting is pretty cool and can get you places – if not elevated to status of Deity pretty quickly. Well, at least that’s how I feel about great handwriting.

I posted a few images on Instagram of postcards I’ve collected and asked people to send me their address if they want to receive one, along with a handwritten note from me on the back. So far I have a few dozen addresses and I’m excited to get started.

If you’re interested in joining my project, just drop me a note – I’ll put you on the list and send something out to you soon!