American Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in my homeland. I haven’t had a Thanksgiving in the US since 2006. Sigh.

I REALLY miss this week in the US – a lot. Canada Thanksgiving is so lame — it’s like any other day – in my opinion — and that’s just it – it’s celebrated as a DAY – just a day! Whereas in the US – it’s basically 4-6 days of seeing friends and family – watching football – eating – drinking – napping – leftovers – repeat and repeat…

Yeah — Happy Thanksgiving to all my American peeps – wherever you are in the world…

No, Really – I mean it! Let’s get started!!

I have several cards and notes ready for some ink – and to be sent out anywhere in the world!

If you’re interested in receiving a handwritten card / note / letter from me (I’m working on prints) – let me know – send along your email – and I’ll put you on the list. You should receive something in the next month or so!

Text on!!

Here’s the first card I have – first come, first served!

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

Time to fire this thing back up again!

I know, I know. I’ve been away. I’ve been busy. Lots of excuses — but I need to send out some letters – make some prints – and reconnect with so many of my friends. I’m sorry – I’ve been a bad pen pal!

We start renovations in 6 months. Just 6 months! We need to figure out where we’re going to live. Where to store our stuff – and just generally have a freak out about how much it all will cost and how long it will take.

So — there’s lots to write about!

IF you’re reading this – and you’d like to get a note / letter / print from me – please let me know. I have a running list – I’ll pop you on and try to get something out before the first snow flies.

Carry on. That is all for now.

Phase II launching in March

I’m planning on printing cards the week my lovely family heads off to Mexico. I get to stay home to watch over two aging dogs. I don’t mind at all — I just can’t bring myself to kenneling them while I’m off sunning myself. Instead, I’ll fire up the darkroom and make some postcards!

If everything goes as planned I should print enough to cover everyone on the list. Then, I plan on writing / addressing / sending out 10-20 postcards a week. I have a little over 100 names on the list – so it’ll take a while to get them out – so be patient!

IF you haven’t received a card from me and you sent along your address, please let me know! I’ll get something out to you pronto! I wish I could say I’m the super organized – but I’m not – maybe in the next life.

I still need to post up some photos of cards and notes I’ve received over the last month or so — I’ll get to it soon.

More Cards

Here are several cards that arrived at their destinations last month.

Here’s the first one I sent to my friend, Pat in Seattle:


Here’s one to my friend Hannah!


One I sent to my friend, Ludvig in Sweden!